Thursday, March 15, 2007

my 1st post in history making

well i've started to my own blog by joining the blogspotter n leave from being a xangarian:)
yeah introduction to my self first=)
Name: Paul Tan Yik Mun
Age: 22yrs old in the year 2007
Fav. Colour: Green
fav. character: Tare Panda n Kermit The Frog
Primary School: SK Taman Desa
Secondary School: SMK Desa Perdana
College: UCTI formerly known as APIIT
musical instrument played: bass guitar
represemted sec. school: Volleyball team n 1500 metres in athletics
spo0rts played: volleyball,futsal,table tennis n basketball
church attending: Youth Chhurch,FGA KL
Birthdate: 13th March 1985

okies well i celebrate my bday 2 days ago
well for lunch my mum's friend,Auntie Kum Wan belanjaed me Jap Food @ Oh Sushi in Mid Valley,then for dinner my dad belanjaed me Chinese food @Dragon-i in Sunway Pyramid AND also my mum got me a cool P D I polo t-shirt=)
there are 2 more other ppl that i know that thier birthday falls on the same day as mine
Wei-Shen and Audrey Ling


Crystal said...

heyy paul!! happy belated birthday!!! thanks for the CD!!! take care you.. God bless! =)

Ian said...

happy belated dude!


Belle Belle said...