Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Girlfriends Story Part 1

Well this has become a lil personal ady,BUT here's a lil something for lily calla lily a.k.a. cc,since she so eager to know about my past stories BUT it'll only come around once in a while
well girlfriend 1
In my Secondary School Form 3 year,i was the Ketua Perbarisan for Rumah Kuning
and because i was in The Boys' Brigade i became the Komander(the perbarisan teacher) for the berbarisan rumah kuning(it's a compulsary for the Form 1 and 2 to be in the Perbarisan)wahahahahahaha

so suring the practice,i taught them how to Kawat Kaki,hehe
then was the time i saw her(my first gf)her name is Liew Min Huah,then she was in Form 1=),i told my kawan Seniors(Jonathan Lee and Yeow Chuan)about her,and they said she look like japanese,then they started labeling her "Japanese chic"hahaha

unlucky for me she was chinese speaking as in Cantonese speaking(it was like uh-oh for me as i wasn't fluent in Cantonese then)aiyah,what the HE** la i don't care cuz most of my friends got girlfriends,so a lil peer pressure,hehe

yea,of course the guy makes the first move=)
then i ask her for her number get to know her friends(Chong Pei Voon,Chong Pei Chen,Lim Mei Ling and Chong Poh Poh)yea,then after 3 weeks i took the courage to ask her to be my gf=) and she agreed=0(Big Smile)i went to tell my close friends(Wong Wen Jun,Poh Yueng Zhi,Wong Hong Jiang,LOke Siew June and Donald Teoh) and my kawan Seniors about the news,they were happy for me of course=)

okie well the we didn't even hold hands wei what a shame,though i tried she pull her hands back.=(

yeahlorr...thats the story CC happy??

now wait for Part 2 la=)


Lily Calla Lily said...


#1 - I not *that* eagar to know abt your past stories. I '8' only! :P Believe me, I'd rather know abt *someone* else's past stories! =D

#2 - I was also in rumah kuning!!! (in primary though! in secondary I was in merah!)

#3 - good thing kawat not khalwat! :P

#4 - after 3 wks you asked her to be your gf?! You sure one fast worker!!!

#5 - why she won't let you hold her hand??!!! Your hands sweaty issit?! Never put moisteriser issit?! Alamak - next time wipe your hands and put some of that BodyShop moisteriser (peach was it?!) before you try to hold some girl's hand, ok?? hehehe

ok ... now looking forward to Part 2!

HistoryMaKer said...

#2 reply will be that in primary school i was in rumah BIRU then rumah HIJAU
#4 reply is well 3 weeks isn't that fast la,you think veli the easy to approach a girl and ask them to be your gf ar?

#5reply would be of course my hands NOT sweaty la,i already make sure before i take her hands i wipe it DRY!!!i think she not ready to hold hands yet la

Lily Calla Lily said...

#4 I don't need to ask anyone to b'come my gf wor! I just wait for the guy to make the move wor ... =P

#5 how come b'come your gf ady not ready to hold hands?! if gf ady sure just waiting to hold your hand only la! hehehe ... =P

HistoryMaKer said...

aiyah......well she not those daring type la,she chinese background i ady said she chinese speaking those fikiran kolot type

Lily Calla Lily said...


I think your hand not nice to hold la! ;P

Come, one day I go see you and test-hold (like test-drive like that) your hand and let you know nice to hold or not! =D

HistoryMaKer said...

well can up to you lorrr...anytime la when you can come to my house AND my hands are available

Lily Calla Lily said...


Man ... you making me LOL like giler! But I guess it's good ... lol good exercise wor! Can help me grow thin some more - continue to make me lol like this, ok?! :P