Sunday, April 5, 2009

my bday celebration for 2009

on March 8th 2003 on a Sunday my family celebrated my bday early
it was a home cook dinner by my AWESOME 2nd elder brother,John....

then on March 13 2009 which also falls on a after cg meeting a few of us like Cheryl(CG Leader),Bryan,Maka and Nicholas She wanted to do a lil celebration at Secret Recipe,Taman Desa BUT it was closed so we head to Citrus Park's Secret Recipe to celebrate lorr.....that was about 10pm so after that Zie organized another bday celebration for me at Sek Teng's place with the bunch of Form X like Aaron,Anthony,Daniel,Eric and they oso got me a cake and we played texas holdem poker after the cut cake ceremony:)it lasted till about 12.30amso i got home before 1am

on March 14,the next day, Sin Ying organized a bday dinner thingy for Cheryl and myself at this sushi place called Sushi Zanmai in Garden's Mid Valley. most of the church people came after service like Angel,Christian,Sam Lee,Randy,Rachel Lim,Prisilla Chew,Sin Ying,Grace Ong and Wei Jan. for the cake Rachel got for her sister a special kind of cake....i got a tira miss you(tiramisu):P
and also on the 18th March i've recieved a mail postage from Australia which was from my ex-cg member,Beatrice Toh she sent me a bday card and 3 coolness wei the badge she got/did for me:)Ten Jew Var lee March, Bea:)
here are the pics.....i've only got pics from my family and the Sushi placebday celebration:)wah lau i realized this year i blew the candle more than 1 time:P

THE BADGES: it says I'm Gonna Be A History Maker and the 2nd badge got my face one:)

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