Monday, October 19, 2009

i've reached my new high and let's talk about relationships

on October 17 2009 i've reached my new high.....on 16thOct a Friday night Zhi Ling invited me to her church for a event called Healing Encounter with Ps. Bernard Blessing it lasted till almost midnight. i rushed home with Zhi Ling because i'll be helping Abang Joe for a Worship Central gathering at church at 9.30am to 4.30pm....
i helped out in the LCD and stayed for Saturday evening service at 5.30pm because my cg was on duty for urshering.i stood at the main sanctuary's door for an hour giving out the liftlet as people were entering in..then service ended...and Praise God that i din get fits..i made it woo hoo
ALL glory goes to Him!!!!

okies i feel like talking about relationships lately....

relationship....hmmm...was created or intended by the big G:)

i've been involved in 5 relationships in the span of 3 years
you must be thinking .."Wah Paul didn't know you player"
well the problem isn't me i wasn't the one who broke the relationship off
so yea...experienced i am
i wanna say that in my opinion that in a relationship is not a one man takes two to clap hands and its a two way feeling....because no point keeping the relationship together if one party has no more feelings for the will not last very long,there must be a give and take between both parties...and my motto for looking for my life partner is
that is all i wanna say....thanks:)

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