Sunday, September 2, 2007

Girlfriends Story Part 2

Part 2 is finally here Lily Calla Lily

Err…well ex-girlfriend number 2 is one of my best friends (a female)’s younger sister, who is also a State-swimmer for KL, it was during my Form 4 year and she was in Form 2 then, yea she’s also a prefect in school=)

So she was a tough one to court I thought it would be easy since she’s my friend, Chien Huey’s sister, and her name is Foo Chien Yee=)

I was wrong lorr, it took me around TWO months to court her=(
Yea our relationship only last for 1 month and the sad/emo part from this relationship is I invited her to my birthday party, she didn’t come for it though her sister came for the party, she broke up with me 1 month after birthday which is in April larr. and also that I not only see her in school, I also see her at my tuition centre in Taman Desa which her sister(my friend) also attends with me.that tuition Centre is known as IDJ(Institut Desa Jaya)which most teenagers in Taman Desa go/attend=)
So that’s about it nothing much about ex-girlfriend number 2, sorry got NO juicy story Lily Calla Lily=(, Part 3 got more interesting/juicy story I guarantee=)


Lily Calla Lily said...

lol - ONE WHOLE MONTH wor ... no juicy story meh?

Got hold your hand or not? Like 1st gf, didn't allow you to hold hand ke? :p

Lily Calla Lily said...

Oh .. one more! I actually DON'T remember asking for a history of your gfs stories wor! =/

Goh said...
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Goh said...

wah, not bad uh bos