Wednesday, January 9, 2008

cool songs which i currently like from both language(chinese and japanese)

i was watching Music Station on Animax, this song by Yuna Ito is a cool song called Urban Mermaid,apparently in this video ,she hired 1000 real school girls to make this video.what the video is about girls are all pretty/beautiful.yea,thats according to Yuna Ito as they interview her on Music Station.i think its for the Japanese girls who are ugly and fat(apparently some of them commit suicide because of rejection).its like Yuna Ito is a feminist(in my mind go girl power)i'm curious to know how come all the school girls in her video ALL pretty/beautiful one?ENJOY and watch it

then there's this latest single by my favourite chinese female singer,none other than Stephanie Sun Yan Zi from Singapore

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