Monday, September 8, 2008

cute little girls singing

i've 4 videos of cute little girls and 1 video of little boy singing
the 1st is a 2 years old and 8 months girl by the name of Zoei Isabelle Toh singing the Lord's Prayer

girl number 2 is a 11years old girlfeatured on Ellen DeGeneres Show, the little girl sang a song about all the 52 states in America in alphetbetical order. the funny part is before singing she had a lil problem starting

then there's also young 6 years old Connie Talbot from Britain's Got Talent Season 2 audition video

and her Semi Final performance

then introducing 4 years Old Kaitlyn Maher from America's Got Talent Season 3

there's this little boy singing Low by Flo Rida

here is very cute Japanese kid with a guitar singing the Beatles's Hey Jude

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