Monday, April 14, 2008

new look?

well last Wednesday i went to Sungei Wang with my mum to the optician to make a new specs:)i went for an eye test and the optician told my mum"I've got good news n bad news for your son"
"the good news is that your son's right eye is perfect(as in my right eye is like before i started wearing specs) and the bad news is i can't do much about his left eye because the nerve(that's controlling my left eye's vision)is already injured:(
ultimately ALL thanks to God for the healing after all the complications about my eye and i have FAITH that He will heal my left eye also:)here are some pics i took of myself n my new specs with two best friend froggies:)

i smsed Jonathan Lee about the FGA Sports Carnival that i volunteer to be the Goal Keeper IF there is a futsal team as long as we're not playing against Daniel Chong n we're on the same team:)because before the accident i've always play as the goalkeeper
Jon Lee replied" can la,but u need to get hold of the iron man costume...then you can score from our goal...:P"
i replied "can BUT I'm not Tony Stark lorr...i don't have the technology to make one" and Jon Lee replied "Just go buy a couple of milo tin la :P"


Anonymous said...

See Please Here

Lily Calla Lily said...

*lol* you VERY green! and some more same green with the frogs! The froggie quite cute hor? The person who bought for you very good taste ;P

HstryMkr said...

haha...self praise is no praise lorr

Lily Calla Lily said...

I've been looking for a nice rabbit for the wrabbit but can't seem to find a nice one ler ...