Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Aron & Elselyn's farewell gathering

last night,23rd July 2007.i attended Aron & Elselyn Tan's farewell thingy/gathering.it was sooo funny when all the young ones like Wei Ming,Diva Debs,elselyn,Danielle,Denise,Sarah Yong,Cedric Cha all of them were laughing and making jokes.Darren played some jazzy piece on the piano while Isaac Ravi played guitar playing a few classic songs and we all (Kristy,Chu Yueh,Jun Min,Josh Chang,Ying Roe)sing along.Darren was also having lots of fun with Wei Ming's camera.and Auntie Betty(Aron & Elselyn's mum) said this when she saw Daniel Chong"So this is the Milo boy"hahahahaahahahaa.POOR Daniel being labeled as the milo boy.
well the Tan family(Uncle Elisha,Auntie Betty,Aron,Elselyn,Stephanie)will be going to Bandung,Indonesia this friday.

well IF you don't know Bandung in M'sia is also known Sirap Bandung(which is Ros Sirap mixed with condensed milk)and according to my brother in Bandung,they add condensed milk in the coconut drink.while in Bali they add lime in the coconut drink.YUCKS wei

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Lily Calla Lily said...

yeah!!! condensed milk in coconut water was NOT cool! SO THE SWEET! btw, I didn't drink it ... your bro did though! finished mine! hehe