Thursday, July 5, 2007

more than meets the eye

well today 5th July 2007 i get to go watch More Than Meets The Eye movie in other words its Transformers,ALL thanks to my good and kind-hearted brother,John.And yes i had to take a picture of me and the poster=P

well this is a daring stunt IF you tak boleh tahan so kids/adults alike DUN try this at the cinemas.i answered nature's call in a bottle in the cinema TWICE=)and i'm veli the proud of it,hee hee=)
from thec movie i like when a few autobots talk example:
Ironhide:Do you feel lucky? punk?
Jazz:Do you want a piece of me huh?,do you want a piece of me ?
THEN Megatron says NOOOOo...Two=)


Lily Calla Lily said...

You do know that cos of you I had to endure my 'lunch date' all alone, right??!! :P

Lily Calla Lily said...


good thing I didn't go watch movie with you then!!!!!!! It would have been *shy*