Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Super Embarassing wei

2 Saturdays ago,I was getting ready to go to church,combing my hair with gel(whicj is kept in my mum's makeup drawer)
so i just took the can of "gel"i did not see the label
and i went to the the can of "gel",dig out the gel and apply it on my hair then it started to feel wierd come my hair not standing/shaping to the way i wanted it.then i tot i was done with it i passed the can of "hair gel" to my auntie to put it back in my my mum's makeup drawer.then suddenly she said "Ah Mun,What are you doing with a Colagen,mosturizing cream?"
in my mind i was like "AHHHHH!!!!!....its Colagen ar?, no wonder sometging was wrong la"
well super embarassing wei


Lily Calla Lily said...

OMG! using collagen as your hair gel! You know how expensive those things are ar??!!


Belle Belle said...

ahahahha thats funny wei!