Saturday, July 21, 2007

?Visit To Blue Dragon

last night(21st July 2007)i brought Christian Tan and Angel Leong to Blue Dragon,Cheras for dinner to celebrate Christian's birthday(which is on 22nd July)well for some of you know about me and Blue Dragon .its a really cool hang out place.I brought soo many YC-ians there before like my Hidden Confessions(David Ng,Bernard Chong,Jun Min,Terry,Cheryl Ho),Rose,Sheena.Gracie,Chu Yueh,Isaac Yap,Kelsey Raj,Nicci Raj,Krystina Cheong,Katrina Soo,Karyn Lin,Tien Ming,Darren,Abang Joe,Jhim and two Aussie girls which so happen to join us at that night.there are many more which i can't remember la.Blue Dragon was a place where my college frens took me one night=)

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